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Open Access

The Open Access movement strives to provide unlimited access to scientific literature, free-of-charge to all readers. The term "Open Access" was largely coined by the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI), which emerged in 2002 within the scope of an Open Society Institute event.

In principle, there are two different routes to achieve Open Access:

„Green Road „Golden Road
The "green path" pursues the self-archiving of scientific publications on an institutional or subject-specific repository. ETH Zurich's institutional repository is the ETH E-Collection. The publication of an article via an open-access journal is referred to as the "golden path” of open-access publishing. ETH Zurich currently supports this route exclusively through its memberships of open-access publishers BioMed Central and PLOS.

More information and links for those who want to know more about Open Access can be found on a web site on Open Access provided by the ETH-Bibliothek

Scientific Writing

Do you need help when writing scientific reports or articles? We are happy to help you. Additionally, there is a large selection on books on proper scientific writing (search CLICAPS for topic „scientific writing“). Furthermore, the ETH-Bibliothek frequently offers „Writing Scientific Papers“ tutorials.

Proper Citations and Chemical Names

In a case you need support when dealing with the different citation styles we are also happy to help.

If you need correct IUPAC names for your chemical structures, the Info Center also provides software that generates an IUPAC name of an organic compound from a given structure. It provides an explanation and a hypertext version of the IUPAC rules for organic compounds ("Blue Book"). Cf. IUPAC Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry. In addition, names in accordance with CAS Index nomenclature can also be produced. Please contact Blanka Cartier.