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Reference management software, citation management software or personal bibliographic management software is software for scholars and authors to use for recording and utilizing bibliographic citations. Especially when dealing with large corpuses or research that is conducted over a long period of time a reference management tool is indispensable.

Reference Management Tools

Reference management software also allows you to export your own bibliography as a list of references in many different citations styles. Most also have a facility for importing the details of publications from bibliographic databases.

The following reference management tools are available at ETH Zurich:

  • Endnote
  • Citavi
  • Mendeley
  • Papers

The ETH-Bibliothek frequently offers training for Endnote, Citavi and Mendeley and also the “Reference management software by comparison” course that should help you to find the reference management software which fits your needs.

Document Management Tools

The range of features of reference management tools is continually extending and most tools now go far beyond a system that just manages bibliographic data only. You can also collect, store and annotate not only scientific articles but any document such as quotes, comments and your own material and re-use it again when writing a publication. Papers and Mendeley are examples of those tools.

Wikis and Blogs

Wikis and blogs are ideal for organizing and sharing information and even knowledge within a group. ETH Zurich’s IT Services offer all members and units of the ETH Zürich the possibility to run a blog on your research, teaching or any other topic.

The Info Center also organizes its internal knowledge transfer through the WordPress software that is provided by ETH IT Services. We are eager to share our experiences with you. If you are interested please contact Dr. Oliver Renn.

Electronic Lab Notebooks

In industry, the lab notebooks are almost exclusively electronic. A software-based lab notebook, also called electronic lab notebook (ELN) has many advantages: you can avoid typos and other errors, a search capability allows you to quickly search for and find experiments, results etc. Secure storage with digital signatures is also possible. Furthermore, you can easily visualize your data. In addition, you can import data from licensed databases via database interfaces. Please contact Dr. Jozica Dolenc or Dr. Oliver Renn if you are interested.