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Countless information resources and tools are available in chemistry
and life sciences to help you search for information quickly and easily.

With two new views, “Databases” and “Tools”, we try to make it easier for you to find the right database or tool by providing both options and filters that intuitively point you to the database or tool that is just right to solve your problem or answer your question.

However, you can use and utilize only what you know. We are eager to raise awareness of the available information solutions (tools, databases) as well as services provided by the Information Center and make your learning, teaching and research easier.

We therefore offer Coffee Lectures, Research Group Menu Card Seminars, a lecture series for PhD students as well as many other activities, which are listed below.

Coffee Lectures

Since December 2013 we offer Coffee Lectures, short 10-minute presentations about databases, tools and services. Coffee Lectures are given in blocks of three weeks during which the lectures take place from Tuesday to Thursday at 1 pm in our training room G2. Free coffee or tea is always available. New series are announced in the News and on posters. The topics of the various lectures can be found under “Events” on our website, where you can also filter for “Coffee Lecture” and add those lectures that interest you into your electronic calendar.

Collectors Card Album (PDF)

Research Group Menu Card Seminars

Does your research group need to brush up on the available information solutions (databases and tools)? Since 2015 we offer Research Group Menu Card Seminars for this purpose. Create your Information Menu by choosing an Entrée, Main Course, Dessert, and Special from our Research Group Menu Card. We will prepare a presentation tailored to your field of research and seasoned to your taste. Contact us! Just e-mail to Dr. Oliver Renn or Dr. Jozica Dolenc.

Courses for Bachelor Students

In coordination with the lecturers of the Departments D-CHAB, D-BIOL and D-MATL the Information Center gives several lectures which are integrated mostly into various laboratory courses in chemistry. The course material can be found on our web site under Downloads ICBP > Lectures. Access to the course materials is only possible within the network of the ETH Zurich.

Course for PhD Students

Information savvy in just 10 hours—thanks to the 529-0195-00L course offered every fall semester. Also offered to students of the Life Science Zurich Graduate School (UZH).

In this course you will learn how to efficiently and effectively find and retrieve scientific information, evaluate it critically, analyze and manage it. All these are important skills to have for scientists in Chemistry and Biology, which are fields with vast amount of information available.

Scientific writing and scientific communication as well as technologies such as text mining are among the topics offered.

Publisher Days, Lectures, Workshops, Roadshows

Starting in 2014, we are organizing events with publishers, focusing on various topics, which you can find, together with the topics and dates of the lectures, workshops, and roadshows in our Event Calendar.


Publishers often offer high-quality trainings, mostly through webinars. Webinars are done over the internet (sometimes additional software needs to be installed to be able to view the presentation) and through a toll free phone number. Topics and dates of webinars can also be found in our Event Calendar. If needed, we may also run webinars in our training room G2 for a larger audience.

Courses for Externals (Continuing Professional Education)

Also externals may benefit from the Continuing Professional Education activities of the Chemistry | Biology | Pharmacy Information Center, for example via the Swiss Chemical Society.

Please go to the website of the Swiss Chemical Society, and select Courses > Qualitätssicherung und Informationsbeschaffung to find the Course (in German) „Wissenschaftliche Informationen suchen, finden und verwalten – ganz einfach [QS-2]“. The course is held once a year.