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Scientific Publications of the Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences (D-CHAB)

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Sarah Klein , Lothar C. Dieterich , Anthony Mathelier , Chloé Chong , Adriana Sliwa-Primorac , Young Kwon Hong , Jay W. Shin , Marina Lizio , Masayoshi Itoh , Hideya Kawaji , Timo Lassmann , Timo Lassmann , Carsten O. Daub , Erik Arner , Piero Carninci , Yoshihide Hayashizaki , Alistair R.R. Forrest , Alistair R.R. Forrest , Wyeth W. Wasserman , Michael Detmar

DeepCAGE transcriptomics identify HOXD10 as a transcription factor regulating lymphatic endothelial responses to VEGF-C

(2016) Journal of Cell Science, 129 (13) , pp. 2573-2585 . Cited 3 times

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