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Quetzal, formerly known as Quertle, is a biomedical semantic search engine using natural language processing that goes beyond what PubMed offers. At ETH Zurich, you have free access to the Advanced Version!

The Advanced Version provides you with access to additional filters such as “Negative Statements” as well as with access to all content sources. Additionally, you will benefit from PowerTerms. The PowerTerm $Disease e.g. will find all diseases. Very recently, the PowerTerm $Interactions has been introduced. Using this term, you will find all interactions of a compound – no matter which one.

Attend the webinar, which is getting broadcasted into the lecture hall HCI G3 at 17:00 on February 11, 2016, and get introduced to Quetzal by, among others, one of the founders of Quetzal.

When installing TeamViewer, you may join also using your device from a location of your choice.

To import the event into your calendar, please go to Events. No registration is required.

Download Quetzal Webinar Poster (PDF).

Dial-in Information for remote users:
1) Click on the following link:
2) Download the file.
3) Open the file (teamviewerXXX.exe for Windows, a .dmg file for Macs)
4) Execute it
5) Authorize it.

Now you can see the following screen:

If you want to ask question at the end of the presentation, you can use the instant messaging