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Already in the Renaissance tools were developed to support readers in processing information faster and easier, as for example the reading machine by Agostino Ramelli. Inspired by this example, the artist Veronika Spierenburg has created a metal reading wheel, which can now be expierenced in the Information Center.

The Information Center is very pleased to be able to exhibit this work of Veronika Spierenburg as an early example of an information management tool. Her reading wheel is a reference to the Swiss engineer Agostino Ramelli (1531–1600). His reading machine is considered to be the precursor of hypertext and thus of the Internet. By spinning the wheel parallel reading and cross-referencing, now standard for (electronic) scientific publications, is possible.

 After exhibitions in various libraries in St. Gallen, Bern and Basel the reading wheel has now arrived to the Chemistry | Pharmacy | Biology Information Center and will be used for various events, e.g. the World Book Day on April 23, or as a cross-reference for the Coffee Lectures. Information on the events will be announced in due course on our website.


Information leaflet (German, PDF)
Link to the website of Veronika Spierenburg
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