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November 12 is SoS day. Get to know Science of Synthesis through the Coffee Lecture at 13:00 or learn all about SoS in a seminar, both given by Dr. Guido F. Herrmann, chemist and Managing Director Thieme Chemistry.

Learn all you need to know about the only full-text resource for methods in synthetic organic chemistry! Find proven procedures and protocols. Methods selected, reviewed and continuously updated by 1750 experts!

The Chemistry | Biology | Pharmacy Information Center has invited Dr. Guido Herrmann to present SoS on 12.11.2015:

13:00–13:10    A short Introduction into SoS
HCI G2             as a Coffee Lecture

13:45-14:30     Everything you should know about SoS
HCI J4              Live Demo

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Download the SoS seminar poster here (PDF).