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How easy it is to develop this fundamental synthetic knowledge is shown in a video.

Organic chemists must learn a large set of named reactions, to be able to utilize this repertoire for their own synthetic challenges.

Learning those reactions is fundamental, but also hard work. With ReactionFlash, a free app for iOS and Android, learning is gamified, with flash card quizzes for 550 named reactions.

ReactionFlash is provided by Elsevier and was developed in cooperation with Prof. Erick Carreira (ETH Zürich, LOC) and his group.

Learn more about ReactionFlash. An interview with Erick Carreira can be found here, as well as a blog report on ReactionFlash.

Download ReactionFlash in the Apple Store 
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A member of Prof. Erick Carreira’s research group, PhD student Niels Sievertsen, has also developed another app for learning organic named reactions, the app “apoc social – Problems in Organic Chemistry”.

Learn more about apoc social (p.7). 

Download apoc social in the Apple Store 
Download apoc social in the Google Play Store