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The D-CHAB publication list is based on a new technical framework and can now additionally display alternative metrics.

The list can be found – as earlier – at, the new publication list has several advantages:

  • Bibliographic data are now retrieved directly from Scopus, the world’s largest literature database, and updated daily. It is unlikely that the journal you published in is not covered by Scopus.

  • Additionally, there are filter options for research groups, authors, and year of publication. Articles back to 2009 are covered.

  • Data from Altmetric, a provider of altmetrics (alternative research metrics), are now also fed into the publication list. This allows you to see whether your paper has been mentioned in the media – by whom and when – or if your article has e.g. been referenced in Wikipedia or in a policy document. In order to see such additional metrics, you need to click on the term “Show Altmetric data”. More or less colorful Altmetric donuts are then displayed on the right – provided there are mentions to your article. By clicking on the donut, you are referred to a page from Altmetric where all relevant information on your article is compiled. Please note that also with alternative metrics it can take a while until first mentions show up. In addition, publications that date back five years are more are likely to have only classical citations in journals.

The new system now also allows correction of any errors in bibliographic data. For corrections – and any other requests – please contact Joachim Schnabl.