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Scientists in the life sciences and chemistry need to deal with vast amounts of information.

Efficient and effective retrieval and management of scientific information is, therefore, an important skillset, also when working in industry.

In this course you will learn how to fully utilize the power of scientific information to overcome or at least ease your information overload. You will learn how to choose the appropriate subject-specific databases, information & knowledge management and retrieval tools and how to use them efficiently and effectively.

Course 2014529-0195-00
Scientific Information Retrieval & Management in Life Sciences and Chemistry

(1 hrs), Wednesday 16–17 (exact starting time 15:45), HCI J 7
14 lectures, starting September 17
ECTS: 1.0
Lecturer: Dr. Oliver Renn (Dr. Jozica Dolenc)

Topics covered include advanced information retrieval from chemistry and life sciences information databases, information retrieval tools, alerting tools, scientific writing, information management, literature management systems, document management systems, performance indicators of scientific output, text mining etc.

Further details about the course can be found in the Course Catalogue or click here.