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Every day a new video on Instagram. Live, work, research on campus Hönggerberg. No Instagram account is required to watch the videos.

Also this year, the Information Center is producing an advent calendar on Instagram. Every day a new door opens, and a short video will present you this year’s topic: Living, working and researching at Campus Hönggerberg. The videos will provide you – and your friends – with unexpected and unique views. Views of places you may not be able to explore on your own.

A highlight will be the door on December 6, when you can see again Samichlaus entering the library at night and hiding chocolate in the book shelves. If you are familiar with our library and CLICAPS, you will be able to find the spots where the chocolate has been deposited. Please just take one and leave something for the others. The video will be posted late in the night, and if you follow us and turn on notifications you get to see the video asap.