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"Information" savvy – by taking the course 529-0195-00L. A short introductory video can be found here.

In the course you will learn how to effectively retrieve, critically judge, analyze, and manage published scientific information – important skill sets in chemistry and life sciences where scientists need to deal with vast amounts of information.

The course also covers scientific writing & communication and state-of-the-art technologies for analysis such as text mining as well as rendering of molecules.

The course – with practical examples – maps the cycle of the scientific research processes to the corresponding processes of information and knowledge management.

More information about the course (taught in English), which has been explicitly developed for students of the Life Science Zurich Graduate School, can be found in the course catalogue of the ETH Zurich (Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Courses of the D-CHAB, 529-0195-00L).

Course 2014529-0195-00
Scientific Information Retrieval & Management in Life Sciences and Chemistry

(90 min, inclusive exercises) Wednesday 16–18 (16:00), HCI J 7

Course starts September 21, 2016

ECTS: 2.0

Lecturer: Dr. Oliver Renn (& Dr. Jozica Dolenc and Dr. Joachim Schnabl)