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The Chemistry | Biology | Pharmacy Information Center uses the NEBIS lending system now. This has several advantages for you.

The loan period is still 14 days, just as it was introduced a year ago. Since the Information Center is also a Reference Library some books cannot be borrowed. In many cases there exists, however, an additional copy that is for loan. Please let us know if you miss books in the Reference Library. Also, if you borrow books in the Info Center you will now receive a loan receipt.

If you log in to NEBIS ( or the Knowledge Portal ( you can

  • check online which books or documents you have on loan and the due dates. In case there is no reservation, the loan period extends twice.
  • See online whether a book is already on loan and when it is due
  • Borrow books online

Please note: CLICAPS ( is still the catalogue of the Info Center with many advantages. However, to see if a book is available or not you need to use the NEBIS direct link.