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Actually, you aim to read your core scientific journals frequently?

There is a solution! With Browzine, newly licensed tool by ETH Library, it is possible to read frequently new incoming issues of scientific journals – like in early ages with print journals in the library or through circulation. However, not as a pile of paper, but mobile, digital, and on your own, with a neat and clean app.

BrowZine delivers thousands of academic journals to your web browser, iPad, iPhone, or Android device for easy reading and browsing. Select the journals you want to read frequently, create your individual books shelves and new issues are getting added to you shelves automatically. No need to upload PDFs and distributing them to you devices. Not sure that you have screened an issue? Browzine tells you, what’s new and unread. And of course, you can download papers for reading them offline.

The articles you read are the well-formatted publishers’ PDFs. You can store them into other apps on your devices, or send them to reference management systems.

Access BrowZine via webbrowser:
Access BrowZine via mobile app:

Select “ETH Library” from the list of institutions when opening the app for the first time. In order to use BrowZine, you must be connected to the ETH Zurich network or use VPN. This applies also when you download articles for offline use.

There is much more what you can do with BrowZine, as shown in a video created by ETH Library. More information can be found here