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Information Resources

Q1: Where can I find microfilms?
A1: Microfilms and microfilm/fiche readers are located in a part of the Infozentrum that is not publicly accessible. Please contact the Infodesk if you need documents available only on microfilms.

Q2: Where is the CD Library?
A2: The CD library is no longer available due to license restrictions. Please contact the Infodesk if you need a document or database that used to be available on CD-ROM.

Q3: Where can I find the link collection?
A3: The link collection was ceased end of December 2012.

Thin Client Infrastructure

Q1: Why can I not edit Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, etc.)?
A1: Due to license restrictions, Microsoft Office can not be installed on public workstations. However, viewers for MS Office documents are installed.

Q2: How can I create PDFs from a document?
A2: Go to "Print" from any open document and chosse the CutePDF option. 

Q3: Why are there no printers listed unter "Printer"?
A3: You can print to ETH printers in rooms HCI G 6.1 or HCI G 6.2 through the website..

Q4: How can I save my research results to a USB stick?
A4: The thin clients have two available USB ports for your to use. Inserted USB sticks show up in the "Computer" folder.

Q5: I downloaded software from the Internet/I have software on my USB stick. Why can I not run it?
A5: Due to security reasons, users can not install their own software. Only preinstalled software is available for use. Software installation requests may be made to the IT coordinator or to the Infodesk.

Q6: Why is there no sound when I play an audio file?
A6: You can connect your own headphones to the green audio connector on the thin clients.

Q7: Why can I not download nor save PDFs or other files in Internet Explorer?
A7: The strict security settings in Internet Explorer do not allow downloads. 

Q8: Why will VPP not print my PDFs?
A8: VPP limits file sizes to 10MB. You will have to split it in to smaller files.

Q9: Why can I not save or print a PDF form I filled out?
A9: You can use Adobe Reader to fill out PDF forms, but a filled out form can not be (directly) saved. To print it out you first have to "print" it to a new PDF using the "CutePDF Writer" printer. You can thin print this new PDF through VPP.


Q1: Where is the former Electronic Library?
A1: The former Electronic Library has been converted into a room for seminars and classes.