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Are you uncomfortable applying statistics to your data in a way other people (or even worse, tools) dictate?
Learn first why much of what is being done is actually incorrect, and then how to do it right.

08:45-09:30  Statistics debunked: why normal is incorrect
09:45-12:30  Statistics revamped: what you should do, and why

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Hanspeter Schmid
Institute of Microelectronics, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Northwestern Switzerland FHNW



  • Probability Distribution, Cumulative Distribution
  • Robustness of Statistics
  • Student-t and Chi Square (and why not to use them)
  • Binomial Distribution Method (robust, distribution independent)
  • How to report data
  • Quantized Data (Questionnaires, Marks ...)
  • Slopes and Bootstrapping
  • Probability Theory - The Logic of Science (Bayes Formula)
  • Comparing Groups by Bootstrapping
  • Maximizing Entropy, Mean, and Median
  • Kernel Density Estimation

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